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Bonus Podcast: Leigh

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We chat to London Nexus pro, Leigh Digard
We chat to London Nexus pro, Leigh Digard











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Our 2nd bonus show!

Our 2nd bonus show!

The Leigh's Mom special! This week we bring you our second bonus podcast with Leigh 'Lips' Digard from London Nexus. My usual partners in crime, Gunther and Martin, could not make it to the recording so we enlisted our special guest host Troy Nagel and headed off to OOSteve's castle in Primrose. This interview is probably the most insightfull podcast we’ve done this year. We asked Lips about the great run Nexus had this year and asked him about their recent trip to Promised Land, the Orlando World Cup.

We got some cool training tips from the botox-lipped legend just to make this show extra useful and not a waste of precious SA bandwidth. Leigh shared some of his insights into South African paintball just to make us think about the status quo. It's not all serious though, Leigh seems to bear the brunt of most of the Nexus pranks and we crown a special bonus-BallBag! If you only download one show this year then this one should be that… Podcast-4-life!
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The crew consist out of Werner Puchert and Gunther Swart. Take care the show can be explicit at stages. We try and capture the general banter and talk you will find at any given day between tournament paintballers.



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We chat to London Nexus pro, Leigh Digard

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