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Titu delays our next Podcast…

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We have not given up (yet). We are going to be a bit late with our next show due to international trips, injuries, full body hair removal and the fact that Tito Mboweni announced another repo rate hike of 50 basis points…

Seesh how can we buy beer on Gunther’s credit card now? So don’t blow your whole ADSL cap porn yet – save a few bytes for some wholesome SAPaintball.info podcast fun. Podcast-4-life!

Don't forget about that Angel:

That’s right! Dawid van Reenen from Dark Duck Paintball hooked us up with this very exciting opportunity. An Angel 1 straight out of the kit bag of Max Lindqvist (Stockholm Joy Division)...

All you have to do to stand a chance to win is to send us a sms. The sms will cost you R3 but you will be killing two birds with one stone. You will be helping us out with your Pod Cast feedback and you will be added to the pool of entries.

This is how you enter and/or send us feedback SMS the keyword “Paintball” followed by your message and your name to 35002, sms are R3 per send. The more you send, the better your chances are.

Here’s an example:
Paintball I want that angel boys! – Gemini.

* (Brought to you by Dark Duck Paintball and Blades and Triggers baby! )

...or check out the old shows:

Click Here for the Podcast archives.

About the show:

What is a podcast?

If you're not familiar with the term 'Podcast' then all you need to know is that it's basically just a mp3 sound file. It's a DIY radio show if you will. You can listen to the show, in Mp3 format by simply downloading the file below.


The hosts

The crew consist out of Werner Puchert and Gunther Swart. Take care the show can be explicit at stages. We try and capture the general banter and talk you will find at any given day between tournament paintballers.



Get the show:

Download our shows:

We recommend using RSS feeds and iTunes to download our shows as they are far more reliable than manual downloads. All you need to do is; copy the URL below into your RSS reader and it will notify you every time we publish a new. Most RSS readers will even help you to download the shows. iTunes , copy the same URL into – Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and iTunes will notify and download the shows for you.


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